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The objective of Northview Next Career Center is to help all students between the ages of 15 and 20 acquire a NVPS diploma, regardless of their circumstances.


Featuring programs such as Career Awareness and Preparation, Future Focused Fridays, and Jobs for Michigan Graduates, NVPS is a leader in readying students for success after graduation. These programs allow students to pursue hands-on work experience through internships, job shadows and part-time jobs.

Maslow First

Maslow's Hierarchy of School Needs. Self actualization, esteem, belonging, safety, physiological.

Innovated Instruction

Students learn in different ways, each project is uniquely tailored to that student.

Forward Thinking

We face forward: Students work to earn standards – not recover missing credit.

Purpose & Belonging

We all thrive in a place where we belong.” – Melissa Turrubiates

Drew Klopcic
Drew Klopcic Director

Brent Dickerson
Brent Dickerson Principal

Pam Dame
Pam Dame Admin Asst.

Betsy Verwys
Betsy Verwys Teacher

Brian Hendricks
Brian Hendricks Teacher

Nick Smith
Nick Smith Career Coach

Intsar Abdulahe
Intsar Abdulahe Mental Health Liaison

Stephanie Knaus
Stephanie Knaus Social Worker

Trip Gallery
Trip Gallery Consultant

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Alumni Spotlight

Sabastian Black, Northview Grad 2022, at Graduation.

Sabastian Black (class of 2022) returned to Northview to deliver the 2023 Graduation Commencement Speech. In August, Black will be celebrating his one year anniversary as a Manufacturing Technician at Amway. He credits his success at Amway to the support he received at Northview and the JMG program. In his position at Amway, Black has received additional responsibilities, opportunities for leadership and has shown exceptional growth.

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7:15 AM – 3:15 PM

School Hours:

(M,T,Th,F) 7:30 AM – 2:35 PM

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Northview Next Career Center’s Manufacturing Lab proudly partners with these generous sponsors.

Amway - A NNCC Sponsor
River City Mechanical - A NNCC Sponsor
Tekton - A NNCC Sponsor

Northview Next Career Center partners with Jobs for Michigan Graduates to provide a Career focused curriculum helping to earn industry recognized competencies for career readiness. Students complete two years of Career Class to earn a certificate of mastery in addition to their Northview diploma.

Jobs for Michigan Graduates