School Closings

School Closing/Delay Policy

School closing and delay decisions are made by administrative staff with the safety of your child(ren) in mind. In a situation where school remains open, parents may choose not to send their child(ren) to school. Adverse weather conditions and other emergency situations may make it necessary to cancel school, to delay the beginning of school, or to send students home early.


Whenever this happens, notice will be communicated through (1) our ParentVue Alert notification system, (2) local radio and television stations and (3) the district web site ( Please arrange for an alternative shelter-home where students can go if you will not be home. Review your family’s plan with your children on a regular basis.


Two-Hour Delay Procedure:  

In the case of a two-hour delay, your child’s bus pick-up time and school start time will be exactly two hours after his/her originally scheduled bus pick-up/school start time.


Tornado Watch/Warning Procedures:

1.  Tornado Watch: If a tornado “watch” is announced prior to or during the regular dismissal time, students will normally be dismissed at the regular time.

2.  Tornado Warning: If an official tornado “warning” is announced, or if a tornado appears, children will be retained in school in predetermined shelter areas until the warning is lifted.

3.  After Hours School & Community Activities: If a tornado “watch” or “warning” is announced during school hours, all after-school and evening activities will be CANCELLED unless an ALL-CLEAR is announced prior to 4 p.m.