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Dan Heitzman


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Dan Heitzman


(616) 361-3446

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BoysReadingNorthview Public Schools provides a continuum of services for students with special needs. Special services programs are available to students who need specialized support due to a disability that interferes with their progress in the general education setting and curriculum. The student’s present level of educational performance, along with input from the entire Individual Education Program (IEP) or Student Assistance Process (SAP), drives the program decision-making process. Northview Public Schools provides services to hundreds of students. Services for students with special needs range from support such as speech therapy to a full-day program. Placement in programs outside of Northview is determined by the IEP/SAP team and designed to meet the individual needs of the student.


Special Service Classrooms

Northview Public Schools has programs for special services students in each building. The classrooms provide services for students with learning disabilities and students with other special needs. Northview programs provide special services ranging from minimal support to full-day programming in all academic areas at each grade level.

Related Staff Services

School psychologists, speech therapists, school social workers, occupational therapists, and teacher consultant services are provided throughout the district. Services are provided to students with a variety of needs, including those with physical or cognitive impairments.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing program provides services for any students from infant through high school referred from the local districts within the Kent Intermediate School District. These students are provided learning opportunities in a specialized classroom and/or support in the general education classroom at all grade levels. Access to information is facilitated through teachers and support staff with sign language skills, sign language interpreters, note takers, and assistive technology.  See our D/HH page for further information.

Northview Public Schools Special Services

It is our hope that users of this web site will find the links listed on this page to be a useful starting point and resource for learning more about both special education in general, and the various services available in Northview specifically. These web pages are intended to provide an overview of the district’s special education referral and evaluation process, the types of disabilities for which eligibility categories exist, and the different support services and educational programs offered.


For those interested, please note that the Northview Public Schools has adopted procedures for the determination of a specific learning disability based on a patterns of strengths and weaknesses (PSW) model.  Those procedures can be found on the “Special Education Eligibilities” page.


As part of the Kent Intermediate School District (KISD), Northview Special Services provides a full range of educational services for all of our students. Although these accompanying web pages explain some general procedures and guidelines, please keep in mind that educational decisions are still based on individual student needs. The Northview Public Schools Special Services staff is committed to providing quality programs for students with disabilities in preparing them for life’s next step. We hope you find this resource helpful.