New Phone System – New Voicemail

02 Aug New Phone System – New Voicemail


New phone system means you will lose your old voicemail box.

Northview is replacing its phone system this summer (summer 2022).  One of the ramifications to replacing the phone system is that you will have a new voicemail (which will need to be set up) and that your old voicemail will become unavailable.
This message is to inform you that the “old” voicemail system will be available to you until August 12th.  After that date, we will be transitioning the system over to our new system.  If you do have any important saved messages that you need to hear again, please call in to 616-365-6185 and follow the prompts (pushing the * to check your voicemail).  When it asks you for your ID, use your extension and then your pin.