Reminder: Restart Your Computer

Keep Calm and Restart It

15 Nov Reminder: Restart Your Computer

To keep your computer running efficiently, and to prevent weird issues like network drives disappearing, document cameras not working, and projectors not projecting, it is vital to restart your computer. I know many of you are in the habit of just closing your laptop lid, and going about your day. Currently, I can see 500+ devices reporting back to our server a restart/shutdown hasn’t taken place in a while.

So our department just wants to remind everyone to restart their computer, even if it is once a week. This is also extremely important for the antivirus software (Sophos) to continue to be able to protect you. Sophos can’t update if a restart is pending. The longer you go without a restart, the longer a restart is going to take.

If you don’t know how to restart your computer, just ask and we will walk you through it. Windows 10 is a bit different than Windows 7 in the start menu.