Technology Checklist

02 Jun Technology Checklist

Good afternoon,

Being so close to the last official day of the school year, I wanted to just put out a few reminders regarding technology.  These reminders apply to all but East Oakview (which begins construction Monday!)

  • Please leave all phones, computers, docking stations, and printers plugged in. Simply ensure that you turn all equipment off.
  • If you have any mobile devices in your classroom (like collected Chromebooks at DK-6th), please be sure they are in a secure area by locking your doors, but avoid locking them in cabinets/cupboards as we do not have access to those areas and we will want to inventory these devices.

If you do have any smaller items like a document camera, a portable DVD drive, a laser pointer, batteries or anything that could possibly grow legs and walk, those might be appropriate to store in some secure space.

  • If you are moving to another classroom, DO NOT move your phone. They are registered to that classroom on the network and must remain there.
  • If you currently have a teacher laptop, you are free to use it during the summer at home. You should already have a charger for these laptops, so please refrain from taking the charger that is connected your docking station.  These are not meant to be spares.
  • If you are not returning in the fall, please ensure to turn in your device to the front office of your building instead of just leaving in the classroom.  This will help us collect these devices.

Lastly, there will be some changes in security (such as multi-factor authentication) that we are looking to roll out during the summer.  Though we aren’t expecting you to be checking email, we will put out more information to you shortly which will be in your inbox for whenever you are ready for it.  J

Please let me know if you have any questions. I wish you all a safe, relaxing summer!