Student VUE Activation

12 Aug Student VUE Activation

Welcome to Northview’s new student communication portal StudentVUE. We hope you will use this web
access to your school records to help with your overall education at Northview Public Schools. Use the
information found below to login to StudentVUE for the first time.

Steps to follow to create your account:

1. Go to the Northview Public School Website at or the student portal at

2. From the sidebar choose “ParentVue/StudentVUE” (just StudentVue in student portal).

3. First time users: Click the link “I have an activation key and need to create an account”.

Activation Step 1: Type in your first name, last name and activation key as they appear below.

Activation Step 2: Choose a user ID, password and enter your student gmail address. If you are unsure
of that account, the format is

You are done and ready to use StudentVUE to track your academic progress!