VPN Services on the Guest Wifi

05 Mar VPN Services on the Guest Wifi

This is just a friendly reminder that according to the Acceptable Use Policy that every student has signed, VPNs and proxy sites aren’t allowed to be used on our network. If you are using a VPN on your personal device, our system will flag it and automatically ban the device from the network for four days. After that, the device may be banned indefinitely.

Any person using a personal network device must abide by the Northview Public Schools’ Acceptable Use Policy while connected to the guest wireless network or on school property.

Northview Public Schools reserves the right to inspect, at any time, any personal network device while connected to the guest wireless network.

Northview Public Schools also reserves the right to disconnect any personal network device from the network for any reason without notice in order to protect the integrity of the Northview Public Schools Network.

The device must not interfere with the normal function of Northview Public Schools’ Network or other wireless devices.

The device may not be used in a manner to intentionally circumvent content filtering, and/or network security. (Including VPN/proxies)