Northview Public Schools transportation


  (616) 361-3480       (616) 365-3763

Summer Hours: Monday – Thursday, 8 AM – 2 PM

School Hours: 6:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Director of Transportation

Tim Christian

Office & Dispatch

Jill Le

Bus Drivers Wanted!

If you are a person who loves kids and would like a rewarding part-time job driving school bus, call us at (616) 361-3480.

All training is provided.



Kent ISD Shuttle Schedule


Depart NHS Bus Loop at 6:15 AM

Returns to NHS Bus Loop at 12:05 PM

KCTC session 1:

Departs NHS Bus Loop at 6:15 AM

Returns to NHS Bus Loop at 9:30 AM

KCTC Session 2 / KTC Session 1:

Depart NHS Bus Loop 8:50 AM

Returns to NHS Bus Loop at 12:05 PM

KCTC Session 3 / KTC Session 2:

Departs NHS Bus Loop at 11:30 AM

Returns to NHS Bus Loop at 2:25 PM

Traversa RIDE 360 Overview

App Icon for the Traversa360 AppNorthview is excited to offer a new way to access bus stop information for your students. Thru a partnership with our routing software, you will now be able to access bus stop information as soon as it is updated. No more waiting 24-48 hours for updates to be available to you.

Use the Traversa RIDE 360 online tool to find bus stop locations and pick up / drop off times, or download their app in your  phone’s app store.

Stop Info and Bus Tags

Bus stop information for the school year will be available in August.

We offer bus IDs for all students assigned a bus.

If you register before August, and live within the district, bus IDs will be available at your school open house. If you registered after August, we will get bus IDs to your school as soon as possible.

Bus stop location and times will be available thru Ride 360 a week before the first day of school. We will send out a notification when they are made public.

School Bus Safety

NVPS Transportation System Guideline and Procedures (PDF)

Your Transportation Department welcomes all new and returning bus passengers to the new school year.  Our goal is to provide safe, timely and efficient bus service to the Northview Community.  To do so, we need your assistance.  Please take the time to read and discuss the following important guidelines with your student:

♦ School and District rules and regulations shall apply while being transported in school-owned or contracted vehicles.

♦ Students shall ride their regularly assigned bus, unless permission to do otherwise has been granted by the Transportation Department.

♦ Students should be at their assigned bus stop five (5) minutes prior to their scheduled pickup time.  The driver will not delay, nor return, for students arriving late at their stop.

♦ Students waiting to board the bus should stand at least ten (10) feet back from the curb or roadway until the driver opens the door of the bus.

♦ The driver is in full charge of the bus and its passengers and may assign seats.  Students must obey the driver promptly and willingly.

♦ Students are required to remain in a seat and in a sitting position when bus is in motion.

♦ Courteous behavior is expected.  Profanity, vulgar language, excessive noise, fighting, teasing, pushing and shoving is prohibited.

♦ No eating, drinking, or chewing gum is allowed on the bus during routine, daily trips to and from school.  Eating and drinking may be allowed at the driver’s discretion on ACTIVITY TRIPS ONLY.

♦ Students who must cross the road after leaving the bus shall cross at least ten (10) feet in FRONT of the bus and only upon a signal given by the bus driver.

♦ Students are required to keep all body parts and items under their control inside the bus.  Articles are not to be thrown on the bus or out of the bus windows.

♦ As provided for by State of Michigan law, parents/guardians may be held financially liable for damage caused by their child’s act of vandalism (MCLA 600.2913).

♦ Routine circumstances do not allow for the bus driver to make unscheduled bus stops.

♦ Emergency exits are to be used only in cases of emergency.  Tampering with emergency exits is prohibited.

♦ Animals of any type are not to be brought on the bus.

♦ District buses are equipped with video cameras to monitor events and student actions.  If a student misbehaves on a bus and his/her actions are recorded, the recording may be used as evidence of the misbehavior.  Privacy laws dictate who may view, and under what circumstances, these recordings may be viewed.

We thank you for your assistance and will strive to do our best in providing a safe environment for all bus passengers.