Volunteer In Our Schools

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Want To Be A Volunteer?

In a continuing effort to keep our schools safe, Northview Public Schools requires that parents and community members submit to a criminal background check prior to participating in any volunteer activities involving our students.  If you do not complete this form, volunteer activities will be limited to group situations as approved by the principal or superintendent.


Thank you for your understanding and for all that you give to our schools, community and children!


You need only submit this form once per school year and ALL INFORMATION WILL BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL.  Please allow 5-7 business days for your form to be processed.  Northview Public Schools will contact you only if there is a criminal conviction of crimes that meet the below description:


The district will be specifically looking for people who have been convicted of any crimes of an assaultive behavior, of a crime involving firearms or weapons, or of crimes as described in Section 1539 of the Michigan School Code:


…criminal sexual conduct in any degree, assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct, or attempt to commit criminal sexual conduct in any degree, felonious assault on a child, child abuse in the first degree, or an attempt to commit child abuse in the first degree; cruelty, torture, or indecent exposure involving a child; or a violation of Section 7410 of the Public Health Code, Act 3688 of the Public Acts 1978, being Sections 333.7410 and 333.7416 of the Michigan Complied Laws…


 If after the background check it is found that a volunteer has been convicted of any of the above crimes, the district will notify the volunteer of the finding(s) and she/he is subject to being prohibited from volunteering with the Northview Public Schools.


All background checks, volunteer forms, and any reported convictions of volunteers as listed above, will be kept confidential with the Administration and filed in the district office.


See also Board Policy 4120.09.